Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence Lawyer

The trusty Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 gives women a varied assortment of protection from domestic violence which is very prevalent in our patriarchal society. The remedies include rights to living arrangement, remuneration for aggressive behaviour, assurance requests. Aggressive behaviour at home from in-laws, relatives of husband and husband was a leading cause of death amongst women. Headlines such as women being burnt alive for dowry were very common in India. Orders like that are dealt in the Court of Magistrate who is engaged to pass exparte orders. These courts give the women financial freedom from the husband in order for them to live freely.

Domestic Violence at home gives the women right to alternate arrangement for a home whether the spouse has right, title or interest in that property or not. The law commands the spouse to provide to the wife a home identical to the one that she is living in, previously along with maintenance to any children and herself.

Wherein there is a threat of the woman being kicked out of her marital home, the court can even pass exparte orders against the husband and his family for residing the woman in the shared household. A lot of instances where the women take back their domestic violence complaints because they see no other way and can't live on the streets so they deal with abuse instead.

These remedies extend against the female relatives of the husband as well as the husband. It also extends to live in relationships which have a domestic violence component. Several judgements are passed for the law to change and adapt as per the needs of our society. All women have a right to live freely and without fear of violence and this act guarantees to safeguard every woman against Domestic Violence.

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