NRI Legal Services

NRI Legal Services

Custody of a child, divorce, annulment and other legal proceedings have no territorial boundaries. When non-resident Indians settling abroad or working abroad on a work permit get into marital problems, it becomes especially difficult for them, as direct contact and communication are difficult. Non-resident Indians have the option to file for divorce in India, but since the problem of communicating and contacting their attorney is difficult, it can be embarrassing for potential clients. Cross-border divorce cases and Indian non-resident divorce laws can present particular challenges.

Our team is composed of expert lawyers based in Mumbai, who have the best recommendations and experience in handling many divorce-related matters. So far, we have a high success rate in handling cross-international/NRI divorce, maintenance, and guardianship cases. We understand the complexity of distance and will attend court hearings for our clients and keep the need for non-resident parties to attend to a minimum. We also encourage the use of other methods to minimize the need for long-distance travel, such as video conferencing and consent for divorce. These methods ensure that our customers have a comfortable experience without having to travel long distances, go to court on strange dates, or spend huge amounts on flights. We also constantly update our clients' information about court proceedings and ensure that their questions are answered in a timely manner. We are flexible in our timing and availability to meet the needs of our clients, and we do everything we can to help them. As a result, we have established a reputation for being able to resolve cases for our clients who are not Indian residents and assist them with their conflicts.

You can contact us right away at if you require immediate assistance.

Kindly be informed that you will be required to pay the necessary hourly professional fees/charges for any needed consultations and advisory services, as well as any other legal assistance.

Prior to scheduling a meeting/conference, please contact us at 09322286663 or 022-26111281 or email us at for the necessary fee structure and quote and/or to learn about hourly consultation professional charges.

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