NRI Wills Advisory

NRI Wills Advisory

The team provides the best and top expert legal advice, assistance and assistance to NRI and foreign nationals to resolve family property inheritance and inheritance issues arising from the jurisdiction of the Indian courts, in order to minimize court litigation, and through personal mediation and mediation. Solve complex problems and Hon'ble uses systematic legal methods, legal counsel and consultation to handle legal procedures and dispute resolution solutions.

  • We advise and assist with complete wills and NRI advice along with the systematic documentation needed for real estate planning along with the allocation and distribution of movable and immovable property in accordance with the law.
  • We advise and assist in the drawing up / preparation of various types of wills in accordance with the statutory management of Indian NRI regulations.
  • We advise and assist in applying for a Probate in Testament Courts in the Supreme Court for the administration and validation of a will.
  • We advise and assist in applying for a certificate of succession and / or administrative letters in the relevant testamentary jurisdictions at the Supreme Court.
  • We advise and assist in all kinds of matters arising from inheritance cases and lawsuits related to family inheritance / lawsuits for division / other property disputes and family property agreements, drawing up a memorandum of understanding and necessary documents regarding the family arrangement.

You can contact us right away at if you require immediate assistance.

Kindly be informed that you will be required to pay the necessary hourly professional fees/charges for any needed consultations and advisory services, as well as any other legal assistance.

Prior to scheduling a meeting/conference, please contact us at 09322286663 or 022-26111281 or email us at for the necessary fee structure and quote and/or to learn about hourly consultation professional charges.

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